Eye of Horus Makeup

The Eye of Horus range of Goddess eye makeup is based on Ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients, including Carnauba wax, Rice Bran wax, Candelilla wax and the revered Moringa oil claimed by the Gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers.

Eye of Horus delivers to you, high quality and performance products that are...

  • Lenthening
  • Volumising
  • Smudgeproof
  • Longlasting
  • Non-clumping
  • Perfect for sensitive eyes

Representing regeneration, health and protection the ancient Egyptian Symbol of the Eye of Horus ensures healing, wisdom and prosperity to its bearer.

Ethical Mantra:  Our products are not tested on animals and we deliver only the best. All our cosmetics are paraben free and contain as much natural content as possible, balancing organics with the highest effectiveness we are renowned for.

Naturally formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with plant based ingredients and Waxes including:  Carnauba wax,  Beeswax,  Rice Bran wax,  Candelilla wax

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