So, how to create the perfect nail products? Nfu.Oh blends the finest of ingredients, with a passion for colour and of course dresses in the stunning corset design bottle!

Who better to design a nail product range rich in colour than an accomplished artist and nail professional? We give you Miss Enfu Oh.....

Miss Oh (Nfu.Oh the brand is a play on her name), is an artist at heart and this becomes obvious when one studies the vast array of colours on offer throughout her inspirational range of nail products. Following her art degree Miss Oh’s life was to change forever when she decided that her artisan skills could be honed and developed to create beautiful nails. A multi award winning career in the industry was to begin.

And now Miss Oh has fused her knowledge of colour, with the technical expertise required to manufacture great nail products to create the Nfu.Oh range.

The Nfu.Oh range of natural nail care products - Created in South Korea, manufactured internationally and now presented to you in New Zealand.

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