Spray tan has been around for decades, but up until recently there was never anything such a “green base solutionTM” and more recently a ‘violet base solutionTM’. As the Violet base solutionTM is still a new product and a one of a kind in the industry, understandably there is a need for education. The way that Solaire ® counteract the dreaded orange effect to achieve a natural chocolate brown, is by creating a base from the opposite side of the colour spectrum to that nasty orange-yellow. Following on the scientific process of the green base solutionTM from her husband, Andrea Taylor innovated and developed the world’s first and only true violet base solutionTM. 

Beware of imitations that are falsely misleading you into thinking you are purchasing a violet base – they are simply adding bronzers that wash away and have NO effect on the base of the tan...

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