Vamp - SlipGell (Polygel)

SlipGELL - (PolyGel)

If you thought Gel Polish changed the Nail Industry....  THINK AGAIN!!

SlipGELL... is Lighter... Stronger... Easier to Apply....

It is not an acrylic, not a hard gel... SlipGELL combines the best of both world's in an all-in-one system that is so much better than anything you have seen or used before!

Unlike Acrylics, SlipGELL requires no monomer, no mixing, cures on DEMAND in both UV/LED Light.


Stronger than hard gels - more flexible than acrylics - 
Superior adhesion with no lifting or separation


Pre-mixed, no liquid to powder ratios - 
Unlimited playtime - Work at your own speed! - Cures on demand - No airborne dust 

 For more information about the new Vamp Nail - SlipGELL system click here...

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