Vamp Pigment Powders

Vamp Pure Pigment Nail Powders for creating custom color blends and effects with UV Gel, Acrylics and more.

Color pigment powders offers diverse possibilities for nail art designs.  These fine pigment nail powders allow one to create their own, custom nail collection with UV Gel, Acrylic Powders, and more.  Now you can easily create individualized shades and add dazzling effects that can be personalized to suit your own style.

Mica is the name of a group of natural occurring minerals. It can be opalescent, sparkling or completely matte. Mica powder is a purified and crushed mica mineral. It is available in a variety of different colors that go from dazzling silver or gold tones to muted. Some Mica powders have a shimmer effect that makes them also called glitter.  Mica powder can be used for Lipstick, Foundation, Rouge, Fiber Paint, Faux Paint, Coloring Candles, Coloring Soaps, Coloring Paint & Resin.

Vamp Pure Pigment Powders are 100% safe,  non-toxic, they are extremely colour fast and stable.  For any nail artist our Vamp Nail Pigment Powders can be mixed with Acrylic powder or on the inhibition layer of Gel and applied with a #4 acrylic or #4 gel brush for best results.

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