Vanilla Nail Art Sliders are a high quality water decal made in Russia with absolutely beautiful designs including Gold and Silver Foil series, Metallic, Black and White Lace and the new 3D Gel Sliders now available...

Photo credit goes to Nail Artist - Anna Albanidou


- Prepare nail plate as usual
- Apply your acrylic or gel Base Coat and cure with lamp
- Cut VNA slider to size and shape of nail
- Apply acrylic or Gel Polish Colour and cure with lamp
- Submerge Slider in warm water, no less than 40 degrees for 5-10 seconds.  Place slider on the nail, manipulate until it is cool.  If air bubbles or folds occur smooth with a cuticle stick (gently).  Sliders adhere easily to the nail plate.
- Cure with lamp - curing makes sure the slider is dry and all moisture has gone
- Until the slider is dried and set by the lamp it can still be manipulated.
- Once positioned and cured remove excess slider with a nail file.
- Apply 1st layer of Top Coat, ensuring sides and free edge are well capped.  Cure with lamp.  (NOTE: if applying 3D sliders, only use 1 layer of Top Coat applied very very thin)
- Apply 2nd layer of Top Coat, cure with lamp and remove sticky residue with gel cleanser.

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