FAQ's Sheekee & Vamp Nail Wraps


NZ Nail Academy Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company and we are now the worldwide manufacturers of the Sheekee and Vamp brand of Nail Wraps.

SHEEKEE  and VAMP PROFESSIONAL is one of the first and HOTTEST Designer Nail Wrap product in the industry and is now available Internationally!

What are SheeKee and Vamp Nails?

SheeKee & Vamp Nails are a new alternative to Nail Polish.  Made of a flexible vinyl film that is applied to the natural nail, or under acrylic or gel. Unlike nail polish, Sheekee and Vamp does not chip, smudge or require any drying time and can be custom made to your liking. Ask us today for any special custom design requirements.

How long do SheeKee & Vamp wraps last?

This can vary and the most important thing being the correct application.  The Sheekee and Vamp brand, compared to other competitors products have been tested and we have found they do last longer due to the ability that Sheekee and Vamp nail wraps can be partnered with any acrylic or gel system for longer lasting wear. This puts Sheekee & Vamp in a catelgory of it's own. Sheekee & Vamp on fingers are great for a special event and last from 5 to 10 days and longer with a Gel overlay. Sheekee or Vamp on toes last from at least 4 to 6 weeks and even longer.

Sheekee & Vamp nail wraps come in 2 different lines:

         FRENCH TIP                      FULL COVERAGE


                 Snow Leopard by Sheekee                                  Cold One by Vamp Nail

The French Tip line is designed to partner under any acrylic or gel system. Already cut to fit the smile line they also look fabulous and work well on top of the natural fingernail. (NOTE: If applying directly on top of the natural nail it is recommended to use a Top Coat or Gel Top for longer lasting results as your hands are in chemicals, water and used frequently so this can alter the length of time the wraps will stay on).

The Full Coverage line is designed for on top of the natural Fingernail and Toenail, this can also partner with any acrylic or gel system for a longer lasting wear. This wrap can last up to 2 weeks on fingernails with a top coat and from 4 - 6 weeks on toes with out any top coat.

Sheekee Nail Wraps

The Sheekee line is sold as a sheet, with 16 Full Coverage wraps on one sheet and 15 - 16 French Tip wrap on another sheet. These wraps are designed to be cut in half so you end up with at least 30+ wraps. The wraps will be the same design on each sheet but will come in different sizes to fit the different fingers or toes.  With each sheet you can do at least 2 - 4 full sets of nails depending on finger sizes and length required.

Vamp Professional

Very similar to the Sheekee line, Vamp Professional line is sold as a sheet, with 15 - 16 Full Coverage wraps on one sheet and 16 wraps on another sheet which are mixed with 8 x French Tip and 8 x Full Coverage for toes. These wraps are also designed to be cut in half so you end up with at least 32+ wraps. The wraps will be the same design on each sheet but will come in different sizes to fit the different fingers or toes.  With each sheet you can do at least 2 - 4 full sets of nails depending on finger sizes and length required.

Can I apply SheeKee & Vamp wraps over Acrylic, Gel, Silk Wraps or Natural Nails?

Yes most definitely. SheeKee & Vamp wraps are designed for all of the above. They can be applied to the Natural Finger or Toe, under Acrylic & Gel or on top on Acrylic or Gel. When applying on top of an acrylic or gel nail you must remember to buff the surface as the wraps adhere better to a rough surface.

Do I need heat to apply the wraps?

NO!  The beauty of the Sheekee and Vamp brand compared to competitors is that you do not need any special Heat Lamps to apply.

How long does it takes to apply the wraps?

SheeKee & Vamp wraps will take slightly longer than what it would to apply your normal polish. Suggested service time is 30 minutes. When applying with acrylic or gel they will take about an extra 15 mins on top of what it would normally take for you to apply a set of nails.

How do I remove the wraps?

You can either wash hands in warm soapy water. For best results, warm up your nails (a hair dryer works well) gently peel an edge of the wrap and peel it off from side to side. No chemicals are required to remove the product.  NOTE:  If you find a tacky layer left on your nails, then use some nail polish remover and a cotton to remove.

How long does it take to dry?

SheeKee & Vamp Nail wraps are a plastic coating as opposed to polish so you will not have any chipping, scratching and no drying time so your clients can be ready to go out the door with no worry about smudging their nails. Because these are a vinyl wrap as opposed to a polish, general chipping and scratching from day-to-day wear is almost non-existent.

How many designs are available?

SheeKee & Vamp combined have over 150 designs available with new designs being released regularly. The designs come in a wide range of funky, stylish colours ranging from, animal prints, solid colours, glitters and fabulous metallic designs.

We can also customise any design that you want if you have a specific picture or design of something that you want made. Please contact us for more info.

Any special training or expensive start up cost?

NO! Unlike other companies, we believe in the simplistic and intuitive design of the SheeKee & Vamp range. The product is so easy to apply, and can be done with your existing equipment that we don’t believe it would be a wise business move to cut in to the margins of our clients by charging for expensive training, equipment, or bulk contracts.
We have full application instructions and videos on our website otherwise feel free to contact us at anytime for any assistance. Simply just purchase a single sheet or our Sheek Peek & Vamp starter packs and you can be well on your way to doing your first set in a few days! No expensive starter kits, no qualification processes or hidden costs.

However we do offer SheeKee & Vamp training classes where we will show the correct application techniques of all lines and we will add you to our referral list as an Official Sheekee & Vamp Nail Stylist and pass on any inquiries from consumers wanting the application done. Please contact us at education@nznailacademy.co.nz for more information and upcoming training dates.

Of course, if you are interested in purchasing wholesale or bulk purchases, we are able to offer discounts and special agreements with our salon partners. Contact us for more details. But we want to make sure you can trial the product and see the results for yourselves for as little risk as possible.

Who can use SheeKee & Vamp Nail wraps?

SheeKee Nails and Vamp Professional can only be used strictly by trained Nail Professionals. If you are not a trained Beauty Professional then please contact us for more information on our SheeKee/Vamp Workshop available! Once you have completed the SheeKee/Vamp workshop you will then be able to purchase Wholesale otherwise we do offer another brand of nail foils for retail customers. 

How do I order the wraps?

You can purchase the wraps online direct through our website, if you do not already have an online shopping account then simply click on the Account Application link and fill in your details, we will then email you once your application has been approved then all you need to do is login to our website to be able to purchase and view the pricing. You can also email us for any further queries you may have or for any bulk pricing. Email us at sales@nznailacademy.co.nz 

How do I use the product? What is the process for applying the wrap?

The SheeKee & Vamp range is a flexible product, and can be applied in a number of different ways. We have attached step by step instructions for each of the cuts here.

Application instructions coming soon!

SheeKee application video click here....  coming soon

Below are a few additional tips on how to apply.

*Select the sized wrap that will fit closest to the nail you are working on. It’s better to select a wrap slightly bigger than smaller and trim as necessary.

Start by preparing the nail like you would with any other enhancement. This includes filing, buffing, prep the cuticles, shaping the nail and applying the nail tip.

If using a Gel overlay, it is optional to apply a base coat of Gel before applying the wrap. This helps in securing the wrap to the nail as Gel on Gel creates a stronger hold.

A top coat is not necessary by the way, we have customers who have had the SheeKee wraps last for 6 weeks with no glue, top coat or covering of any kind. Some just glue the free edge, some apply a full overlay such as Gel or Acrylic. It all depends on the style you want to achieve and the tools you have at your disposal.

Position one side of the adhesive to the nail so it is in position and ready to be secured flat to the nail. Apply firm pressure with your thumbs to secure the nail wrap to the nail.

Use an orangewood (or similar) stick to smooth out any bubbles, lumps or imperfections on wrap

Use cuticle scissors or similar to clip off the excess size of the wrap.

Continue to smooth with orangewood stick.

Hold the wrap down and file to bring the wrap to the edge of the nail.

If using Gel, buffing the top of the design to remove some of the shine will help the Gel to stick to the wrap – as Gel does not stick to a shiny surface very well.

Seal with your chosen clear overlay (Gel or Acrylic). Make sure you seal ALL edges of the wrap to prevent the wrap edges from curling.

If necessary, a thin layer of glue can be applied to the free edge of the tip of the nail where you have cut and filed the wrap.

Once sealed with Acrylic or Gel, file and buff nails as necessary.

A top coat can be applied for additional shine

And that’s it! Enjoy your new, stunning Designer Nails.

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