Entity Acrylic System

Our exclusive formulas apply the latest technology, innovative science and years of championship expertise. Entity Beauty's family of powders and liquids are forumlated to perform perfectly...... together. In fact, when used in combination, we guarantee our products performance - unconditionaly.

Our low-odour, cosmetic quality products contain only the purest ingredients, developed with innovative science and manufacturing processes, to achieve unsurpassed workability and durability.

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Entity Colour Couture Gel Enamel

Introducing Entity One Color Couture. Forget everything you know about manicures and take your art to the next level. Color Couture combines the long-lasting, high-gloss durability of gel with the ease and versatility of enamel. No smudging, no chipping, and no dry time. Colour Couture can be fast cured in 30 seconds using any LED Lamp or 2 minutes with any 36 watt UV Lamp to give you the best high shine you will ever see and it last for 21 days or more. Unlike other competitors products, EOCC can be rebalanced with no damage to the natural nail or soaked off and repeated in minutes. It’s everything you love about color. Only better!

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Nfu.Oh Nail Creation

NZ Nail Academy are the proud exclusive New Zealand Importers and Distributors of Nfu.Oh Nail Creation products and an authorised Distributor for Australia.

Passionate about nail art and colour, but frustrated with what was already on offer Miss Enfu Oh travelled the world in search of the inspiration that would fuel her passion for nails. Upon returning to her home city of Seoul in the beautiful land of South Korea, she set out to build on the skills she had
learned on her travels. Miss Oh approached some of the leading brands of the time and said "I need more colours for my designs!". Needless to say they could not - or would not - provide them.....

So, Miss Oh set out to design her own range of nail art materials, colours and products and Nfu.Oh the brand was born! Now world renowned Nfu.Oh the brand moves from strength to strength, built on the strong foundations of education and the love of design. and now the world travels to Seoul, South Korea and Miss Oh looking for inspiration through design......

Nfu.Oh has the largest range of Colour/Glitter Acrylic powders and nail art products compared to any other competitor and we are proud that we can offer you these products throughout New Zealand and Australia.

SheeKee Nails

SheeKee Nails, formerly Trendy Nails Unlimited, is one of the first and hottest wholesale designer nail wrap companies in the industry! Our tagline…Nails with Art-i-tude says it all! Creater, Nickole Orton, has over 18 years of experience in the industry as a professional nail technician. Her passion has always been artistic nail art design. Orton began the testing and perfecting of a heat activated vinyl nail wrap for finger nails and toe nails in 2008. Because of how tedious and time consuming the free hand nail art was, she was inspired to find a solution and came up with a product that still allowed the expression of creativity without the time commitment.. enters SheeKee Nails. Orton was the first to introduce the idea of using the wraps with acrylic or gel systems. SheeKee Nails is still one of the only to offer this application process. Orton strives for perfection and is continually working with manufacturers in the U.S to improve and enhance the Sheekee product line.

Why is Sheekee Unique?

SheeKee Nails is different than many other knock-off competitors. SheeKee’s materials are different and have been tested to withstand any acrylic or gel system for a longer lasting wear. This puts SheeKee in a category of its own.

Is Sheekee nail art just a trend?

At Sheekee, we view nail art via vinyl or film application as far more than a trend. People are busy and lifestyles are becoming more and more demanding all the time…but people still want to feel good about themselves and manicures and pedicures will be around for a long time…so to add a product that offers simplicity to that category has definite“sticking” power. We have created a product that provides fashionable, creative designs for clients but, in less time, and for longer lasting effects. Clients can achieve “Hot off the Press” designer nails in less time. Which in the end, is a win/win for both the nail technician and their happy client!

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