Solaire Spray Tanning Workshop


Solaire are the Spray Tan Specialist's and the Bridal Industry's most Awarded Spray Tan and NZ Nail Academy are proud to now be the Distributors and Educators of the Solaire Spray Tanning range.  

Why Choose Solaire Spray Tanning???

Spray tan has been around for decades, but up until recently there was never been anything such a “green base solutionTM” and more recently a ‘violet base solutionTM’. As the Violet base solutionTM is still a new product and a one of a kind in the industry, understandably there is a need for education. The way that Solaire ® counteract the dreaded orange effect to achieve a natural chocolate brown, is by creating a base from the opposite side of the colour spectrum to that nasty orange-yellow. Following on the scientific process of the green base solutionTM from her husband, Andrea Taylor innovated and developed the world’s first and only true violet base solutionTM. 

Beware of imitations that are falsely misleading you into thinking you are purchasing a violet base – they are simply adding bronzers that wash away and have NO effect on the base of the tan...

All our Spray Tan Educators have been Internationally Trained by Andrea and Adam from Solaire Australia so we can guarantee you will be receiving the most thorough and comprehensive training available as it is not just about learning how to spray but you also need to know the science behind how to achieve a great looking tan to suit all skin types.

Spray Tanning can be a competitive market and the difference between a good spray tanner and a great one can come down to the person who trained them and using a top quality product that delivers results... we guarantee Solaire has the solution for you.


Spray Tanning Workshop - 3 hours

If you are new to the Spray Tanning World or simply need to refresh your skills then our Spray Tanning Workshop is suitable for you.

Our Spray Tanning Workshop covers so much more than just practical demonstrations.  It covers all you need to know to spray client's confidently and professionally because between us, our Education Team have had more than 20 years experience - so you can be confident knowing that you are learning from the very best in the industry.

Our comprehensive workshop will go through not just the practical side of Spray Tanning but also covers.... 

- Why choose Spray Tanning in the First Place
- Profitability 
- The Science of Spray Tanning
- Things That Affect Spray Tan Colour
- Colour Summary
- How to Choose the Best Tan for your Client
- Solaire/Mediterranean Spray Tanning Solutions Explained
- Client Consultation
- 3 Simple Steps to the Perfect Tan
- Retail
- Equipment
- Spray Gun Maintenance
- Room Setup
- OH&S
- Practical Training

Once a training day is booked and paid for in full... A comprehensive training manual will be sent out for you to read through before your days training...  Our Educator will then teach you how to spray the Solaire way and will also go over anything in the Training Manual if you have any questions.


$250.00 - Training Only (no product)

$690.00 - Training plus Spray Tan Machine, 1 litre Solution of your choice, Tent and accessories (see picture below)


Please contact for more information and upcoming dates...

0800 NAIL TRAINING or 0800 624 587

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