Trinity Hard Gel Workshop

Trinity Hard Gel Workshop 1 Day 

Introducing a whole new era in gels: Trinity Gel Technology. Using innovative nanotechnology that cures within the nail enhancement, our proprietary formula lets you create nails with a shine, scratch resistance, and durability—like you’ve never seen before. What’s more, Trinity Beauty Hard Gel is easier to apply, from start to stunning finish.

Nothing has redefined our industry like the growth and acceptance of gel technology. And nothing has redefined gel technology like Trinity Beauty. This class will allow you to create nails that are durable, glossy, naturally beautiful and second to none.

This class is great for the beginner nail technician and will cover white tip application with clear gel overlay, natural nail gel manicure using cover pink with gel polish application plus backfilling with gel as well as pep, filing techniques.

PRICE:  $390.00 includes a Gel Kit with #6 Gel Brush, Clear & Cover Pink Gel, White Tips, Primer, Ultrabond, Cuticle Oil, Nail Files and Gel Cleanser

Trinity Hard Gel Workshop 2 Day

This class is great for the beginner nail tech or beauty therapist who wants to learn all aspects of Hard Gel application including all of the above techniques plus you will also be learning how to apply natural tips and sculpting forms with Pink and White Gel application.

PRICE: $690.00 and includes a Gel Kit with #6 Gel Brush, White, Clear, Cover Pink Gel, Sculpting forms, Primer, Ultrabond, Cuticle Oil, nail files and Gel Cleanser

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