Trinity Soak Off Gel Polish by Tom Holcomb

Trinity Soak Off Gel Polish by Tom Holcomb

Trinity Soak Off Gel Polish by Tom Holcomb. Forget everything you know about manicures and take your art to the next level. We’ve combined the long-lasting, high-gloss durability of gel with the ease and versatility of enamel. No smudging, no chipping, and no dry time. It’s everything you love about color. Only better!

Trinity Beauty presents to you Trinity Soak Off Gel Polish by Tom Holcomb.  Trinity is specially formulated to paint on like nail enamel.. then light cured like gel.  Trinity cures in only 30 seconds using the a 54W LED light and in only 2 minutes using a traditional UV lamp…drying to a flexible yet very strong, super-shiny lacquer-like gloss. Trinity is available in 24 fashionable colors with a large range of glitters coming in 2015. Best of all, Trinity wears for a long time; Its gorgeous shades and high-gloss finish will last for up to three weeks without smudging, chipping, dulling, cracking or peeling. Trinity soaks off quickly and completely in minutes, without any damage to the natural nail or can be backfilled.

Who is Trinity Beauty?

Trinity Beauty is a world leader in both education and providing superior cosmetic quality products. Developed by the late Tom Holcomb - 10 times world champion nail technician and (former Artistic Director of EzFlow Nail Systems) and Entity Beauty.

Do I need to use the Entity LED Lamp to use EOCC?

Trinity will cure perfectly using our 54W LED Lamp or any 36 watt UV Tunnel Lamp but the curing time will be longer (2 minutes).

Is there any difference between LED and UV Technology ?

Yes most definitely there is a difference.  It would be like asking is there any difference between a cellphone from 1980's and your current iphone. LED lights are better in every way imaginable but like your iphone they cost more.   The end decision would come down to how many services you do each day.  Once you have tried an LED light I guarantee you will never go back.

Does Trinity Gel Polish really cure in 30 seconds?

Sure does.  Superior LED technology from Trinity Beauty guarantees a cure time in 30 seconds. 

What makes Trinity different from other Gel Polishes on the market?

Trinity Beauty's products are manufactured to a standard not a price. Our products are made in USA!  Trinity Beauty empowers users with the highest quality products, technology, tools, training and ideas. Trinity demands innovation in all products raising the bar of the industry. We offer superior service and are committed to the highest safety standards.

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