Entity True Artistry - Fine Arts Collection
Designer Nail picture 1
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Entity True Artistry - Fine Arts Collection

Release your inner artist and sculpt masterpieces with Entity’s True Artistry 24 color palette acrylic sculpting powder line. A full spectrum of colors ranging from pastels to bolds and brights to glitters, everything you need to bring your greatest nail art inspirations to life.

Entity Fine Arts Collection contain beautiful bright solid colours great for blending and doing 3D Design work like flowers, leaves etc...
Collection includes 8 colors:

Abstract Apple   
Pop Art Orange  
Sunlight Yellow   
Pointillism Grass   
Surrealist Surprise Sapphire   
Paint With Purple
Blank White Canvas
Sfumato Black 

Picture 1 colours used:  Sfumato Black, Paint with Purple, Indigo Ink, Modern Silver Stars

Picture 2 colours used:  Sfumato Black, Abstract Apple

8 piece Fine Arts Collection 7.09 gm (0.25oz)
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Our Price:$40.00
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