Vamp Rainbow Holographic Pigment

Vamp Rainbow Holographic Pigment

Vamp Rainbow Holographic Powder.

This is the highest quality possible and extremely expensive.  It is by far the most INTENSE rainbow possible. This only comes in 1 colour, but you can acheive all kinds of beautiful colours by using the product over any colour base.

For best results use with gel polish, and use this product with a tack-free topcoat..

1. Apply the desired under-colour. Cure.
2. Apply tack-free topcoat  Cure (DO NOT OVER CURE, if your brand recommends 30 second, then ONLY cure for 30 seconds).
3. Apply the holographic powder using the provided applicator, or sponge.
4. Encapsulate with top coat.  Apply 2 coats, and seal the free edge well.

NOTE: (Vamp Metallic Top Coat will be available for purchase in 2-3 weeks)

Size 1gm


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