Trinity Beauty

Welcome to our online Wholesale Shopping Website. Please note that some items are for Professional Use only so you must be a Beauty Professional or currently training in order to purchase some of our product range.  If you do not currently have a wholesale account please click on the wholesale tab at the top to fill out the wholesale account form. Proof of industry qualification may be required. For Retail Customers please click on the Retail Shopping button at the top to view the products available.

  • Legacy Acrylic System
    Trinity Beauty Acrylic System is a low odour, cosmetic grade of products containing only the highest quality ingredients available, developed with innovative science and manufacturing processes, to achieve unsurpassed workability and durability.
  • Coloured Acrylic/Dipping System
    Trinity Beauty 48 colour acrylic series is a 3 in 1 system. Perfect to be used as a Dipping system with any Gel base or resin base or can be used with Liquid Monomer or PolyGel.
  • Trinity Beauty Tip System
    Trinity Beauty Tips are the LATEST NEW NAIL TREND OF FULL COVER TIPS that can be applied using any Acrylic, PolyGel or Builder Gel system.
  • Prep, Primer, Cleansers, Top, Base & Oil
    Trinity range of prep products including Gel Cleansers, Gel Top and Base Coats, Cuticle Removers and Oil...
  • Files, Brushes, Forms, Tips and misc...
    Trinity has a selection of professional quality nail files, acrylic sculpting brushes, gel brushes, nail art brushes, sculpting forms and accessories...
  • Gel Paint
    Trinity Beauty Illusion Gel Paint series is a new generation of highly pigmented coloured gels with thin consistency. The Illusion Gel Paint are opaque in consistency and are a perfect solution for creating unique designs. NEW String Gel comes in 6 colours.
  • Trinity AP Gel System
    Trinity AP Gel is not an acrylic or not a hard gel.... it combines the best of both worlds. Lighter than acrylics and hard gels, no airborne dust, no odour, easy to file, more flexible than acrylics, 21 days wear...