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  • Trinity Beauty Files 5pk
    Trinity Beauty File pack contains a Shape, Mighty, Strong, Soft and a Shiner.

    NOTE: Does not contain the Buffer Gentle as pictured.
  • Trinity File Shape 150/220
    Trinity File Shape 150/220 grit file if perfect for shaping the natural nail. Is also washable
  • Trinity File Strong 180 grit
    Trinity File 180/180 grit file. Is also washable
  • Trinity File Mighty 150 grit
    Trinity File 150/150 grit. Is also washable.
  • Trinity Buffer 100/180
    Trinity Buffer 100/180.
  • Trinity Shiner Glow 600/4000
    Trinity Shiner Glow to buff natural nails or acrylic to a high shine.
  • Trinity Acrylic Brush Oval #4
    Trinity Acrylic Oval brush #4 is perfect for creating fine intricate 3D Designs like flowers, leaves etc...
  • Trinity Acrylic Sculpting Brush #8
    Trinity Beauty professional quality #8 pure Kolinsky, flat oval brushes that will inspire your hand and accelerate your art. Hand made and ergonomically designed for ultimate control and precise detail. Built in cover prevents contamination and prolongs the life of the brush.
  • Trinity Gel Brush Oval #6
    Trinity Beauty Oval Gel brush is perfect for applying Trinity AP Gel/Polygel around the cuticle area or can be used to apply Gel Polish or Hard Gel.
  • Trinity Gel Brush Oval #8
    Trinity Gel Oval brush is perfect for sculpting the AP Gel/Polygel.
  • Trinity Sculpting Forms 300ct
    Trinity Beauty Nail Forms shape enables technicians to create beautiful tapered nails. Disposable form with grid lines to guide the length with perforated back. Trinity forms are designed with vertical, horizontal and different shapes of nail guide line that allow the technicians to customise the length and shape.
  • Trinity Beauty Tips - Oval
    Trinity Beauty Tips are the LATEST NEW NAIL TREND OF FULL COVER TIPS that can be applied using any Acrylic, PolyGel or Builder Gel system.

    11 sizes available in a 550 ct box
    Out Of Stock
  • Trinity Crystal Pick Up Tool
    Crystal pick up tool is perfect for picking up Swarovski crystals or any nail art accessories.
  • Crystal Dappen Dish
    Crystal dappen dish designed for your sculpting liquid/monomer.
  • Trinity Cuticle Pusher Stainless Steel
    This cuticle pusher with blade can be used for both manicure/pedicure proceedures and for preparation work when applying artificial nails.