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Welcome to our online Wholesale Shopping Website. Please note that some items are for Professional Use only so you must be a Beauty Professional or currently training in order to purchase some of our product range.  If you do not currently have a wholesale account please click on the wholesale tab at the top to fill out the wholesale account form. Proof of industry qualification may be required. For Retail Customers please click on the Retail Shopping button at the top to view the products available.

  • Kenzico Blooming Navy Collection
    Kenzico Blooming Navy Collection contains 6 beautiful blue shades, highly pigmented gel polish range.
  • Kenzico Burgundy Collection
    Kenzico Burgundy Collection contains 6 beautiful Red/Burgundy shades.
    Soak Off Gel Polish LED/UV Cured.
  • Kenzico Camoflage Collection
    Kenzico Camoflage Collection contains 6 beautiful Khaki shades.
    Soak Off Gel Polish LED/UV Cured.
  • Kenzico Modern Lady Collection
    Kenzico Modern Lady Collection contains 6 beautiful Grey/Pink shades.
    Soak Off Gel Polish LED/UV Cured.
  • Kenzico Rose Garden Collection
    Kenzico Rose Garden Collection contains 6 beautiful pink shades.
    Soak Off Gel Polish LED/UV Cured.
  • Kenzico Secret Coco Collection
    Kenzico Purple Collection contains 6 beautiful Pink/Purple shades.
    Soak Off Gel Polish LED/UV Cured.
  • Kenzico Shining Star Collection
    Shining Star Collection contains 6 glitter gels that have more of a chunky look to them.
  • Barbie Aurora Cats Eye - Set A
    Barbie Aurora Cats Eye Gel Polish comes in a 3 pack and includes a magnet.

    Set A includes: 401, 402, 403

    3 x gel bottles
  • Barbie Mirage Glactic Collection
    Bm Glactic Cats Eye Gel Polish collection comes in 6 beautiful shades and includes a magnet.

    6 pack bottles
    Out of stock
  • Glow Gel Collection
    Barbie Glow Gel Polish comes in 9 different colours that look stunning over Black, White, or any gel polish colour.

    9 x 7gm pots
  • Kenzico Cafe Mocha Collection
    Kenzico Cafe Mocha Collection contains 6 beautiful beige shades.
    Soak Off Gel Polish LED/UV Cured.
  • Kenzico Falling Star Collection
    Kenzico Falling Star Leaf Collection contains 6 beautiful amazing glitters including Silver, Holographic, Gold, Brown Gold & Pink Gold.
  • Kenzico Monster Mink Collection
    Kenzico Mink Collection comes in 6 beautiful shades with the textured look as pictured.
  • Nfu.Oh No Blister Monomer 4oz
    Monomer for sensitive skin is a standard EMS blended monomer that is perfect for use on clients with allergy sensitive skin.
    It contains UV inhibitors and plasticisers for added durability and flexibility. Reduced odour and fresh smell is their strength point.
  • Platinum Gel Polish collection
    Platinum Gel paint collection is made from ultra fine particles which gives a superior iridescent colour. Made from cosmetic grade materials which give you full coverage in just one coat.

    Cures in both UV and LED lamps.
  • Vamp Opal Chrome Pigment Collection
    Vamp clear opal flake pigment...

    12 pack