B.Gorgeous Spray Tanning

Welcome to our online Wholesale Shopping Website. Please note that some items are for Professional Use only so you must be a Beauty Professional or currently training in order to purchase some of our product range.  If you do not currently have a wholesale account please click on the wholesale tab at the top to fill out the wholesale account form. Proof of industry qualification may be required. For Retail Customers please click on the Retail Shopping button at the top to view the products available.

B.Gorgeous is a professional salon quality spray tanning solution. Designed in New Zealand embracing the countries values of sustainability and love for nature, using only the most natural and, or organic ingredients. B.Gorgeous is paraben free, cruelty-free and certified vegan. 

  • Tan.Lite Spray Machine
    Breakthrough technology places the Tan.Lite 32000 as the only product of its kind to offer lower energy consumption by 30% in addition to professional quality. Incredibly lightweight yet notably quiet, this innovative machine uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology that creates a continuous stream of smooth air for a more constant flow pattern for accurate, streak-free tanning.
  • Go Salon Spray Kit
    Thinking of offering spray tanning in your salon? Awesome our Go Salon is our salon ready spray tan kit which will have you looking super professional.

    Please select your desired solution colour from the drop down box.
  • Tan.Fresh Portable Extraction Unit
    The Tan.FreshAir Unit is a portable clean air and ventilation system using Micro-whirlwind Technology, perfect for mobile tanners, professional salons or in your home. The Tan.FreshAir Unit uses Micro-Whirlwind extractions fans that help remove the dirt in the air of any room when spray tanning. This thereby helps to protect the safety and health of both the customers and the staff.
  • B.Gorgeous
    Spray Today, Party Tonight - Lightning Fast Results!

    Suitable for all clients and skin types rapid 1 hour is a unique product because it allows the customer to customise the depth and darkness of the tan, simply leave it on for 1 hour for gorgeous subtle tan or leave it on longer (up to 4 hours) to achieve a richer darker result.
  • B.Gorgeous Malibu
    Looking for that exotic tan to compliment your olive tones?

    Malibu Nights offers a rich violet tone to ensure a deep exotic tan. Malibu Nights contains naturally sourced Rapid DHA which enables faster developing times and offers the client the ability to shower in as little as 2hrs.
  • B.Gorgeous Malibu Nights Foam
    Looking for that exotic tan to compliment your olive tones?

    Malibu Nights offers a rich violet tone to ensure a deep exotic tan. Malibu Nights contains naturally sourced Rapid DHA which enables faster developing times you the ability to shower in as little as 2hrs.
  • B.Gorgeous Argan Oil 2HR
    Hydrated Skin looks healthier and simply glows...

    B.Gorgeous 2hr Argan Oil has been specially formulated to provide EXTREME HYDRATION. Argan oil contains extremely hydrating properties. By incorporating an Argan Oil base the B.Gorgeous 2hr Argan Oil Range offers maximum colour and a long lasting gorgeous tan. Also great for those with dry skin.
  • B.Gorgeous
    Are you ready for intense colour without comparison?

    BLACK is the most scientifically advanced professional spray tan solution available, utilizing black bronzers and amino boost technologies. “BLACK” delivers colour that defies logic and current understanding of how spray tans work! Ingredients include naturally sourced DHA and Aloe Vera. Anti-oxidants, multi-vitamins and natural botanicals. In addition to intense colour “BLACK” contains many anti-ageing benefits.
  • B.Gorgeous Tan Eraser 200mL
    B.Gorgeous Tan Eraser is a powerful exfoliant designed to remove stubborn tan buildup from the skin. Proper preparation is made easy with the NEW B.Gorgeous Tan Eraser. With a convenient foaming action it's never been easier to remove old tan.
  • B.Gorgeous Tan Extender 200mL
    B.Gorgeous Tan extender is a super hydrating moisturizer that is infused with DHA (the active ingredient) in all tanning products that gradually builds a nice healthy looking tan. When used after a spray tan B.Gorgeous Tan extender will prolong the life of your tan up to a month.
  • Solaire Body Lotion 250ml
    More than a daily moisturiser, the Solaire® Skin Radiance Indulgent Moisture Whip is an indulgent experience of intensive soothing moisturisers, powerful anti-oxidants and an injection of our custom blend of vitamins.
  • Solaire Body Scrub 250ml
    Solaire® Skin Radiance Hydrating Body Scrub allows to you create skin perfection. We all know that a perfect canvas creates masterpieces of art and so the same works with spray tans. Create the perfect canvas as you detoxify & buff away dead skin cells with natural exfoliators to reveal a renewed perfectly toned and hydrated skin.

    pH balanced
  • Solaire Body Wash 250ml
    Solaire® Skin Radiance Nourishing Body Wash allows to you create skin perfection.
    A luxurious low foaming gel allows you to gently cleanse your skin whilst providing extra nourishment and hydration. Gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin every day.
  • Solaire Exfoliating Mitt
    Solaire's® Exfoliating Mitt helps remove your old spray tan to prepare for your next tan. It removes the dead skin to reveal fresh smooth skin. Can be used as a dry buff or with water.

    1 piece black
  • Solaire Gun Cleaner 250ml
    Specially formulated to breakdown and remove tanning bronzers and residue from HVLP/Airbrush tips and nozzles.

    Solaire®'s Gun Cleaner is blue so that you can see the difference when cleaning your gun.
  • Solaire Post Spray 250ml
    Solaire® Skin Radiance Post Spray Tan Finishing Spray allows the creation of the perfect spray tan by adding the final touch.
  • Solaire Pre Spray 250ml
    Solaire® Skin Radiance Pre Spray Tan Skin Perfector allows creation of the perfect spray tan from the base up.