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All MineTan's naturally derived DHA Tan Actives are combined with powerful antioxidants, including botanical fruit extracts and silky amino acids to help the tan develop faster, absorb deeper into the skin and create a dark natural colour that lasts longer. The combination of natural ingredients and nutrient rich botanicals provide multiple benefits for the skin including moisturizing antioxidants to boost the skin’s glow.Every product is free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan-friendly.

  • B.Gorgeous Tan Extender 200mL
    B.Gorgeous Tan extender is a super hydrating moisturizer that is infused with DHA (the active ingredient) in all tanning products that gradually builds a nice healthy looking tan. When used after a spray tan B.Gorgeous Tan extender will prolong the life of your tan up to a month.
  • B.Gorgeous Tan Eraser 200mL
    B.Gorgeous Tan Eraser is a powerful exfoliant designed to remove stubborn tan buildup from the skin. Proper preparation is made easy with the NEW B.Gorgeous Tan Eraser. With a convenient foaming action it's never been easier to remove old tan.
  • Solaire Exfoliating Mitt
    Solaire's® Exfoliating Mitt helps remove your old spray tan to prepare for your next tan. It removes the dead skin to reveal fresh smooth skin. Can be used as a dry buff or with water.

    1 piece black
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  • Solaire Gun Cleaner 250ml
    Specially formulated to breakdown and remove tanning bronzers and residue from HVLP/Airbrush tips and nozzles.

    Solaire®'s Gun Cleaner is blue so that you can see the difference when cleaning your gun.