Base, Top Coats, Prep and Primer

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  • Frenz Base Coat
    Apply base coat before applying your desired gel polish colour. Cure for 1 minute.
  • Frenz Matte Gel Top Coat
    Frenz Matte Gel Top coat will create beautiful matte looking nails. Simply use instead of your normal gel too coat, cure fo 1 minute and you are done.
  • Frenz Nail Primer
    Frenz Nail Primer is an acid-free formula that removes oils and contaminants from the nail plate for unmatched adhesion on even the most sensitive client.
  • Frenz PH Balance Dehydrator
    Frenz PH Balance is used to gently dehydrate the natural nails and remove and natural oils prior to artificial nail application. Used before primers for better adhesion of gels, acrylics, and glued on tips.
  • Frenz Unbelievable Top Coat
    Frenz Unbelievable Non-Wipe Top Coat is a non-yellowing top coat that does not leave a tacky layer.