ONEAIR Paint Collections

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ONE AIR Airbrush Paint Collections

One air colour  is highly pigmented and suitable for any airbrush nozzle diameter. Paint is resistant to mechanical damage and ultraviolet, does not spread and dries quickly (30sec - quick drying, 2 minutes complete). The paint creates a thin elastic film that does not crack when wearing under top coat.

  • OneAir Base Paint Collection 20pk
    Base paints are transparent, applied on a white base surface or lighter than their own shade

    White and black are covering colours, can be applied on any base surface
  • OneAir Candy Paint Collection 12pk
    Candy – super transparent colours.

    Candy paints are applied on a base surface lighter than their own shade, as well as silver pearl base surface.

    When layered they become brighter, start to shine, do not turn into dark dense shades. Ideal for aquarium designs.
  • OneAir Pastel Paint Collection 16pk
    Nude colours are covering

    It can be applied on any base surface

    The paint can be diluted with ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, vodka or an airbrush paint thinner for a smoother spray when creating an ombre.
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  • OneAir Neon Paint Collection 10pk
    When applying neon airbrushing paints, it is mandatory to use top coats with UV filters to protect the colour and prevent it from burning out in the sun!

    We recommend not to make neon designs for clients who go on vacation to the seaside with intense sunlight.