Get Buffed Pro by Sarah Elmaz


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  • GBP Minnie - Detail Brush
    The thinnest of thin detail brush.

    7mm long and extremely light to hold, Minnie just loves to help you achieve those small detailed lines, she is especially good for character painting, or surrounding crystals with top coat.

    Minnie has a lid for protection and a magnet for super fast storage.
    NZ$ 29.00
  • GBP Brienne - Liner Brush
    The thinnest of thin liner brush.

    At 12mm's long Brienne is tall and slim, she especially loves long straight lines, large curved lines and swirls.

    Brienne comes with a lid for protection and a magnet for easy storage.
    NZ$ 29.00
  • GBP - Oksana One Stroke/Angled Brush
    The perfect angle/oblique brush for one stroke with acrylic paint.
    Or this brush can be used as a clean up tool around the cuticle with cleanser.
    The brush handle is pink and has a lid for protection and a magnetised base for easy storage.
    NZ$ 29.00
  • GBP Florence - Flat Gel Brush
    The perfect flat gel brush for flawless painting or gel application.

    Florence can also be used as a clean up brush to achieve that perfect finish around the cuticle.

    As with all our brushes, Florence has a lid for safe storage and a magnetised base for hanging.
    NZ$ 29.00
  • GBP - 3 De Vil 3D Clean up Brush
    Our 3D brush is great for use with plasteline moulding gel and acrylic, to make 3 dimensional flowers, bows or even characters! Can also be used as a clean up brush. Has a lid for protection and a magnetised end that will hang for storage!
    NZ$ 29.00
  • GBP Chrome - Celestia
    Our ever famous CELESTIA chrome is back in stock! YAY! Back in our big 10gram container, giving you over 3* times the normal amount of chrome, because we love it so much! Bring on the BLING!

    Here's what Unicorn dreams are made of! Use this Get Buffed Pro Chrome dust to create a lush and shimmering rainbow over any colour.
    NZ$ 21.50
  • Get Buffed Pro Jupiter Bit
    Ball medium bit -
    Our Jupiter diamond drill bit is used for cleaning up those messy cuticle areas that are in need of some gentle love. Jupiter is especially helpful in removing small areas of dry skin around the cuticle (eponychium) area without being too invasive.
    NZ$ 21.50
  • Sold Out
    Get Buffed Pro Kondo Bit
    Q-tip medium bit -
    Our Kondo diamond drill bit will help you speed through cleaning up underneath the proximal nail fold. Kondo is extremely gentle but will efficiently remove dead skin particles from the nail plate, especially those sitting just below the skin fold. (Perfect bit for beginners)
    NZ$ 21.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Get Buffed Pro Rocket Bit
    Bullet medium diamond bit -
    The Rocket is a whizz at smoothing and refining your acrylic or gel nail. So gentle it is perfect for getting up close to the cuticle and side walls without causing any damage to the delicate skin. It's also the perfect shape for cleaning up behind the nail without removing bulk. Perfect for underside preparation of full tip application.
    NZ$ 21.50
  • Get Buffed Pro Volcano Bit
    Volcano medium carbide drill bit
    The Volcano Bit is a whizz, it will rapidly take down the bulk of your acrylic or gel product. It works wonders to efficiently file down your builder product in preparation for refill or full removal. It is the go-to of drill bits when you require fast removal times! And BONUS....It also works with your left hand!
    NZ$ 49.00
  • Get Buffed Pro Drill Bit and case
    This set is quite simply the Bees Knees! It incorporates our four most popular drill bits - Pompeii, Rocket, Jupiter and Kondo, all in a beautifully presented plastic case that will help keep your bits clean.
    NZ$ 118.00
  • E-File Bit Case empty
    Drill bit case -
    Our fantastic drill bit case! It can hold up to a maximum of 20 drill bits! Its a compact size and won't take up much room in your salon!
    NZ$ 12.50