Gulauri Designer Series

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  • Gulauri Vintage Traveller Gel Polish
    Gulauri Vintage Gel Polish range comes in over 100 beautiful shades of highly pigmented colours and glitters with a superior high shine and scratch resistant. Cures in 60 seconds, no strong smell. There are no chemicals involved in Gulauri colour gel.
  • Gulauri Designer gel range now available in New Zealand and Australia
    Gulauri Golden Age designer range of gel polish including Cats Eye, Candy Gel, Cuticle Oil, LED Curing torch plus lots more...
  • Gulauri Vintage Gel Collections
    Gulauri designer gel is a highly pigmented range of gel polish that is cruelty free available in individual colours and collections.
  • Gulauri Top, Base, Prep
    Gulauri Multi Function Gel including Base Coat, Reinforcement Gel, Matte Top and Super Top. Also the PH Bond and Pro Bond dehydrator and primers.
  • Gulauri Gel Polish/ Paint
    Gulauri now has a range of metallic gel paint including gel polish colours, glitters that are a highly pigmented and available in pots.
  • Gulauri Acrylic/Gel PolyGel
    Gulauri PolyGel is the best of both worlds. A blend of Acrylic and Hard gel. No odour, cures on demand, easy to file off.
  • Gulauri Cuticle Oil, Forms & Misc...
    Gulauri range of cuticle oils are a natural revitalising complex blend of peach leaf extract, calcium, safflower oils and vitamins which will nourish, moisturise and protect the surrounding skin and nails. Gulauri also have a range of Sculpting Forms, Dual Forms and nail files.