Course for beginners and advanced!

Here at NZ Nail Academy we have a wide range of courses to cater for every individuals skill level, whether you are wanting a Professional Career as a Nail Technician, wanting to be your Own Boss, work on a Cruise Ship or just wanting to learn for yourself... you have come to the right place. We have our range of total beginners classes starting with either 1, 3 or 5 Day classes depending on what application you are wanting to learn.

If you are already in the Nail or Beauty Industry then we have a range of what we call advanced classes that you can add on to what you have already learnt like our Gel Polish Nail Art Classes, Polygel, Spray Tanning or Acrylic... it is endless what you can progress onto learning so please let us know if you have any questions and we are more than happy to help.

The NZNA Education Team is lead by Debbie Taylor who has 25+ years experience and over 50 International Certificates to her name, Debbie has trained with some of the Top International Artist's in the World and she is very proud of her hand picked team of educators that are all very passionate about what they do.

We love to share our passion, enthusiasm and experience with like minded individuals like yourselves...

Please view our range of classes below and upcoming dates and venues available.

Beginners Nail Classes

Below you will find our classes that are suitable if you are a total beginner and haven't done any formal training in the Nail Industry.  Please click on the individual course for more information about what you will learn, pricing options etc...

Theory of Nails  Online

Coming Soon

Gel Polish Beginners     

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Gel Polish, Soft Gel Extensions & BIAB

Learn More

Gel Polish & Acrylic      

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Gel Polish & PolyGel     

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Spray Tanning workshop

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Advanced Nail Classes

Below are some of our advanced classes which are suitable if you have already completed some type of training in the Nail or Beauty Industry which consists of your Theory and Gel Polish application.  Any of these courses below can be added on if you are wanting to learn extensions or nail art.

Soft Gel Extensions

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Gel Nail Art 1

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Gel Nail Art 2

Learn More

Dipping System

Learn More

PolyGel 1 Day

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PolyGel 3 Day

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3D Carve Gel with Jill Roberts

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Acrylic 3 Day      course

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