Nail Art Courses

Gel Polish Nail Art Level 1

This class is your starting point into the world of Nail Art using Gel Polish.

Learn the following techniques: using the following products: Gel Polish, Gel Paints, Stamping Polishes, Glitters, Nail Art Foil, Swarovski Crystals, Striping Tape, Sugar powder, Holographic & Chrome powders plus lots more... 

Gel Polish Nail Art Level 2

Do you want to offer gel polish and add some exciting Nail Art Designs to your services? Your client's will be blown away with your artistic flair after you attend this course.

Learn the following techniques:

  • Abstract nails 
  • Smokey effect and galaxy 
  • Blooming jungle nail
  • Marble Nails - Ink
  • Bubble nails 
  • Rose quartz 
  • Blooming Rose 
  • Velvet Roses
  • Fishnet/Lace Design
  • Rainbow Geode
  • Vertical Gitter Ombre Striped Nail

Gel Polish Nail Art Level 3

This is our next level art class that progresses on from our Level 1 & 2.

Learn the following techniques:
  • Doodle Art 
  • Juicy Fruit 
  • Gel Marble with 3D Flower 
  • Sweater Nails 
  • Mermaid Chrome & Fine Line Work 
  • Ink Flowers 
  • (Gladwrap) Nails with Fish