Gel Polish & PolyGel Beginners

PolyGel is here and taking the world by storm! PolyGel combines the best of both in a revolutionary all-in-one system that’s undeniably better! Unlike Acrylics... PolyGel requires no monomer, no mixing and LED/UV cures on demand. 

Unlike Acrylics... PolyGel requires no monomer, no mixing and LED/UV cures on demand. This is the new revolution in the nail industry.

This programme is designed to inspire students and to teach you the latest application techniques using the latest and newest application method POLYGEL and Gel Polish system.  Our courses have been developed and structured so you will be able to gain all of the knowledge needed to start your exciting career as a Nail Professional. 

Course content.

Our comprehensive course covers the following areas:   Professional Salon Conduct - Nail Anatomy - Nail Disorders and Diseases - Client Consultations - Nail Style, Structure and Shape - Lengthening of the Natural Nail using tips - Natural Nail Overlay using Polygel, Tip Application with Pink Polygel and Gel Polish - Tips/Sculpturing with Cover Pink PolyGel - Demonstration Pink & White PolyGel - Soak off procedure - Gel Polish application - Rebalancing and Backfilling - Product Knowledge and Chemistry - Sanitation and Disinfection - Filing and Perfecting Techniques - Home Care Advice - Business - 

Course Structure

Our courses are generally run from Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm but can be tailored to suit (part time options available on request) 

Additional practice outside course hours is required. 

All students are required after their initial weeks training period to have further experience of at least 6 to 8 months and to complete at least a minimum of 15 sets of nails as evidence before you qualify to sit your assessment. 

This can be done from your own home or in a salon as work experience.

cost of your investment.

Option 1: $1,860.00 Incl GST 

Option 2: $2,670.00 Incl GST 

NOTE:  Our kits contain full size bottles of products that will last you months, not just sample sizes.

Kit contents may vary according to availability of products...