Solaire Pre Spray 250ml

Solaire Pre Spray 250ml
Solaire® Skin Radiance Pre Spray Tan Skin Perfector allows creation of the perfect spray tan from the base up.

We all know that a perfect canvas creates masterpieces of art and so the same works with spray tans. Create the perfect canvas as your skin is ph balanced, moisturised, and in a perfect state to receive your spray tan.
A perfectly pH balanced and prepared skin delivers a deep brown natural looking spray tan colour. Creating a magnificent deep dark spray tan colour is easy when you use Solaire® Skin Radiance Pre Spray Tan Skin Perfector.

Directions: Use just before your sunless tanning product. Spray generously over the entire body and gently rub into skin with hands or tanning mitt. Apply sunless tan of choice.

- pH balances the skin immediately prior to applying the tan, creating the perfect pH environment for the development of the tan. 
a. A skin that has a pH that is too high will either not develop the tan as dark or throw a brassy colour. 
b. Supermarket products, dehydrated skin, stress, diet and hormones all add to the skin pH. 

- Provides an instant shot of moisture immediately prior to apply the tan, allowing the tan to be fully absorbed as a dry skin will not fully absorb and process the tan to achieve maximum benefits i.e. the fastest darkest tan

-  Add Silky Amino Acids to the skin, so your skin will feel silky smooth but also the more amino acids you have on your skin the faster and darker your tan will develop.