Nfu.Oh Hand Lotion 04

Nfu.Oh Hand Lotion 04
Nfu.Oh Lovely Perfume Hand Lotion helps with regeneration of skin cells, has anti-inflammatory effect. Hypo-allergenic, non preservative and dye free.

  • 12 plant flower extracts - effective Regeneration of skin cells facilitation Anti-inflammatory collagen, Elastin production stimulation, Skin purification, Astringent effect, Free radical elimination, Lipo and oxidation suppression, Purification effect, Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Tocopherol as Vitamin E derivation as effective Antioxidanttion
  • Vegetable emulsifier from cocoa, Olive oil as effective Moisturization, skin protection
  • 4 Plant Polyphenol as effective Antioxidants Skin-lightening , Anti-aging, Collagen production stimulation, Antioxidation, Free radicals prevention, Allergies prevention, Moisturization , Aging prevention, UV protection
  • Hypoallergenic and Non-preservative, Dye-Free