IN-PERSON COURSE - Gel Polish Course with Certification

IN-PERSON COURSE - Gel Polish Course with Certification

IN-PERSON COURSE - Gel Polish Course with Certification


Learn to apply 'Gel Polish like a Pro'.

$320.00 GROUP TRAINING or $450.00 1:1 (training fee only)

Please see your kit options below and select from the drop down box, you will then be invoiced for your chosen kit.

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Learn how to apply Gel Polish like a Pro in this beginners course! 

The course covers basic nail anatomy, hygiene & sanitation, nail tools and how to file the nail correctly and to safely prepare the natural nail for gel polish application. Learn Gel Polish application including correct prep that won't damage your nail, correct removal and perfecting your gel polish application including French Polish applications. 

We will also show you how to strengthen the natural nail by using our BIAB strengthening gel which is perfect for any weak or brittle nails to give you that extra strength and that will make your gel polish last and make the nail stronger with no chips, breaks or cracks in the nail. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The fee above include training only, a KIT001, KIT002 or KIT003 will need to be purchased on top of the training fee.

We have 3 different kit options to suit your individual budget. Please click on the kit list below for a detailed list of what you receive in your kit and select the kit option above and we will invoice you for the correct amount.  


  • PLEASE NOTE: A kit will need to be purchased in addition to the course fee chosen. Please see our KIT Options available!
  • A non-refundable deposit is required to secure a place on the class once enrolled.
  • Once enrolled we will then email through course confirmation with start times, venue location etc...
  • If you have selected the Online Training Course option then we will email through your course login details.
  • Once you have completed your course you will be required to send through pictures as evidence (only applicable for the Certified course option)
  • You will need to complete an online theory exam before attaining your certificate (only application for the Certified course option)
  • You will be required to arrange your own model to attend the course for practice (we can help with this is needed) in person course only