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KENZICO is a VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE gel polish range from South Korea.  Kenzico uses only the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients and offers a superior gel polish range that is highly pigmented and FREE harmful ingredients. With its superior shine, scratch-resistant, and acid-free formula, KENZICO PROFESSIONAL will NOT SHRINK or FADE and soaks off quickly yet providing superior adhesion. You will love the highly pigmented range and smooth application with just one coat. CURES 30 seconds LED Lamp. Kenzico being so highly pigmented is a thicker gel polish range so in colder weather we advise to warm the bottles up by holding them in your hand or lap for a few minutes as this will make your application much easier.
  • Gel Polish Collections
    Kenzico have a fabulous range of Collections including Navy Peony, Retro Leather, Mirror Prism, Shining Star, Snowball, Autumn Maple, Oriental Mood, Camouflage, Cats Eye and loads more exciting colours...
  • Gel Polish Colours
    Kenzico Professional gel polish range is available in both collections and in individual bottles...
  • Gel Polish Moon Bit Glitter
    Kenzico Signature Premium Glitter Line collection comes in 12 beautiful sparkly glitter gel polishes as well as a collection.
  • Gel Polish Glitters/Stone
    Kenzico has an amazing range of Glitter Gel Polishes as well as stone effect gel.
  • Gel Polish Cats Eye
    Kenzico Gel Polish Cats Eye gel polish are designed to be used with a magnet.
  • Gel Polish Syrup Colours
    The Kenzico Syrup range of colours are a more transparent, slightly see through range that are perfect for French, Marbling, Tortoiseshell nails. Apply as many coats as you like to create the depth of colour you wish. Pic courtesy of Jill Roberts @Nail Design
  • Kenzico Zima 3D No-wipe Sculpting Gel and Bling Glitter
    Kenzico Zima gel is a non-wipe 3D clear gel that you can rub chrome powder over and they also have a beautiful range of bling glitters which can be mixed or added to any gel polish or acrylic, including their beautiful finer sugar powder which can be used over top of any gel polish colour.
  • Alcohol Ink/Drop Colour
    Kenzico Alcohol Ink/Drop Colour can be used for creating marble effect nails. Can be used on your inhibition layer or on top of your cured top coat to give you a different effect.
  • Top and Base Coats
    Kenzico have of Non-Wipe Top Coats, Matte Top Coats, Perfect Base Coats.
  • Nail Art Brushes, Files & tools
    Kenzico superior quality Nail Art brushes made in Japan includes Gel Brushes, Liner Brushes, Sculpting Brushes and a selection of quality Nail Files and nail art products...
  • Soak Off Builder Gels & Gel Paint
    Kenzico has a great range of soak off builder gels in a bottle to add strength to the natural nail and can be soaked off. Gel paint comes in 4 colours and is perfect for nail art to create fine lines.
  • Hand Lotion and Cuticle Oil
    Kenzico hand and body lotion infused with Shea Butter to keeps your hands and body hydrated and soft and cuticle oils coming soon...