Gulauri Top, Base, Prep & Cuticle Oils

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  • Gulauri Cuticle Oil 5pk
    Nourishing cuticle oil rehydrates nails and restores cuticles, massaged daily into nails and surrounding skin to prevent hang nails and lifting of artificial nails.
    - Freesia
    - Lemon
    - Peach
    - Pineapple
    - Almond

    5 x 10ml bottles
  • Gulauri PH Bond
    Designed to dehydrate the nail and disinfect , helps to prevent bacteria from growing on the nail surface, degreasing and adjusts the acid base balance to give the nail surface better adhesion.
  • Gulauri Pro Bond
    Designed to degrease the nail and adjust to protect the nail and increase the adhesion the nail and the base gel.
  • Gulauri Gel Base Coat
    Has the best viscosity and softness. Increases adhesion the and durability.
    The exclusive short bristled brush head can easily press the base gel into the scratches.

    Cure 1 min in LED
  • Gularui Super Top Coat
    Non wipe top coat with a superior shine. Scratch and wear resistant. Do not apply multiple times after your 1st cure to avoid delamination of the layers.

    Cure 1 min in LED