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  • B.Gorgeous
    Are you ready for intense colour without comparison?

    BLACK is the most scientifically advanced professional spray tan solution available, utilizing black bronzers and amino boost technologies. “BLACK” delivers colour that defies logic and current understanding of how spray tans work! Ingredients include naturally sourced DHA and Aloe Vera. Anti-oxidants, multi-vitamins and natural botanicals. In addition to intense colour “BLACK” contains many anti-ageing benefits.
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  • B.Gorgeous
    Spray Today, Party Tonight - Lightning Fast Results!

    Suitable for all clients and skin types rapid 1 hour is a unique product because it allows the customer to customise the depth and darkness of the tan, simply leave it on for 1 hour for gorgeous subtle tan or leave it on longer (up to 4 hours) to achieve a richer darker result.
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  • Solaire Post Spray 250ml
    Solaire® Skin Radiance Post Spray Tan Finishing Spray allows the creation of the perfect spray tan by adding the final touch.
  • Solaire Tan Extender 250ml
    Solaire® Skin Radiance Maxi - Tan Extender allows to you create skin perfection. Solaire® Skin Radiance Maxi - Tan Extender - ensures your tan is maintained long after you have left the salon. Packed with EcoCert Approved DHA extend and boost the life of your tan to levels you never thought imaginable!