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Below are some of our more popular questions that people ask... please feel free to contact us if you have any 

further questions by email or phone...

Course Times & Dates

When do your courses start? 

We only list some of our dates on our website. Please click here for some available dates.  We also have more dates available on our Facebook Page under our Events section.  NOTE:  Dates are subject to change without notice so please contact us to confirm if the dates are available to avoid disappointment. If you cannot see any dates suitable please contact us as we can arrange dates to suit.

How Long Are Your Courses? 

We have a wide range of courses starting with one of our main courses Gel Polish, Soft Gel Tip Extensions & Builder Gel which runs for 3 days or our main beginners Gel Polish & Acrylic Application course runs for a duration of 5 days... You are then required to practice for at least 6-8 months before you qualify to sit your assessment. 

What Time Does Your Course Start?

Our courses normally start at 9am to 3.30pm.  These times can vary depending on how many students we have and if anyone has to travel so we try to accommodate everybody's needs if they have to travel or have young ones that you need to work around. 

Do you do in-person courses?

YES we sure do?  We still believe that you cannot beat face-to-face training if you can do it so we will always offer in-person classes.  We also have one on one training available if you choose this option so this can be scheduled to suit.

Do you do online courses?

YES we now have our NEW Online Nail Academy available so if you want to learn from the comfort of your own home or if you just cant get to travel then we have our full range of courses available as an online options. 

Are Evening Classes Available?

We do not normally run evening classes but there is a possibility this can be arranged if in Tauranga so please contact us for that option.

Course Info 

How many students in each class? 

We will NEVER have more than 4 students in each class, we believe in quality, not quantity. 

What do I do if I have any problems during or after the training? 

Your educator is always there to assist you with everything from trouble shooting techniques and product advice. We pride ourselves on having a passionate education team that will always be there to help in any way we can... all you need to do is ask!  NZ Nail Academy's Director of Education, Debbie Taylor is also there for any assistance and support if you feel you need it, backed by our Head Educator Jill Roberts from New Plymouth

Facebook Group - Once enrolment is accepted you will have access to our Student's Only Facebook Group where you can ask any questions to get advice from other students just like yourself plus be the first to hear about NEW products and extra discounts. 

Student's Login Area - You will have full access 24/7 to our Online Student's Login area on our Online Nail Academy website where you can download your training manuals and view instructional videos...

FREE Training!! - Yes that is right... we offer FREE training to if you feel you need to go over something that you have been struggling with from your initial course.  You are able to join in on any of our full time classes run in Tauranga only.  Spaces are very limited so it does pay to book in advanced for these sessions.

Mentoring - Our educators are available for one on one sessions at a rate of $60 per hour.  This time can be used for anything that you feel you wish to go over.

Contact Us - We can be reached by Email... or by Phone... 021720573  If we cannot be reached by phone as generally we are busy teaching our classes please do leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Who Will Be Teaching Us?

NZ Nail Academy's education team is lead by Debbie Taylor who has over 50 certificates to her name and has trained with some of the best top nail artist's in the world and Jill Roberts Head Educator, Jill has more than 100 certificates to her name.  We are very proud to have some of the most dedicated and passionate individuals waiting to teach you all they can.  All of our educators have been Internationally trained and continue to up skill their techniques on a yearly basis so we can make sure that we are offering you the most up to date techniques available. You can view our Meet the Team page to read all about us.

What will I learn? 

We offer a full range of courses from your basics, Theory of Nails, 'Apply Gel Polish Like a Pro', Soft Gel Extensions, Builder Gel BIAB, PolyGel and Acrylic, Nail Art and Spray Tanning. You will also be learning all of the basics from, hygiene, sanitation and disinfection, structure and growth of the nail, safety in the salon, product knowledge, filing techniques, plus much more..... everything you need to become a qualified Nail Technician. 

Do I Receive a Training Manual?

Yes you indeed receive your hard copy printed training manual as well as it is available for you to download in your Student's Login area on our website...  

What do I practice on during the course? 

You will learn how to perform professional services on REAL people, we refuse to give you a rubber practice hand, practice sheet or sit you in front of a video. You are paying us to teach you how to be competent in taking money from real people, so that is what we will teach you. We will advise you of what days and times models are required. 

Can I learn all of this in just 3- 5 days? 

Most definitely... we pride ourselves on providing high quality education and we have loads of students that have made successful businesses that are still working today.  The main course we run is in your Gel Polish & Acrylic Application, we focus on just that. After your initial 5 days training it is just practice, practice, practice that is going to make you proficient... don't get me wrong there is still lots to learn as our 5 day courses are just the beginning so that is why we also provide advanced workshops so you can further your knowledge and skills to make you the best that you can be.

Exams & Qualifications

Will There Be Exams?

We don't like to call it an Exam... more an assessment of your work.  There will be a standard that you will have to reach and firstly you be required to submit a portfolio of your work as evidence by way of sending in pictures so we can evaluate how you are progressing and to see if you are ready to sit your assessment.  We will give you feedback and let you know if we feel that you need to practice on a particular area so that you are ready for when your assessment day is here.

Is The Exam Theory and Practical?

YES... you will have your Online Theory exam where you will have to answer questions and then your practical exam will be done face to face.  You will be required to achieve 90% pass rate on your theory exam and 80% pass rate on your practical before you will be eligible to receive your certificates.

What Happens If I Don't Pass... Can I Resit?

YES most definitely, if you do not pass on your first go please don't worry and you are able to resit any part of your assessment at any time convenient with your Educator. 

Do I Have to Pay for My Assessment?

Your assessment is already included in your initial course fee... if you have to resit your assessment at any time then we will try to accommodate you and fit you in with another class but if we cannot then there may be a resit fee if we have to book a conference room or travel out of town specifically to run it.

What qualifications will I achieve for completing this course? 

Once you have completed your assessment then you will receive certificates from NZ Nail Academy in the following: Certificate of Completion in Acrylic Application, Certificate in Gel Polish Application and your Certified Nail Technician Certificate.  Any other advanced workshops that you attend you will receive a certificate of completion.  

Your certificates are recognised nationwide.  We also have student's working in Australia. 

What Do I Look for When Choosing a Course?

We have asked around and the most important thing that Salon Owners said is the quality of the work that you do over how fast your are, the main thing is that you are good at what you do... We have high pass rates and you can resit your assessment until you get it right before you go out into the big wide world... A variety of skills is also important to Salon owners so being able to do, PolyGel, Acrylic, Gel Polish is quite important.  We do offer a variety of courses in all applications as some people prefer to start with Gel Polish and then move on to other areas... the beauty with our courses is that you can start off with just the basics and add on at any stage if you wish to further your skills. Gel Polish accounts for about 70% of the services right now and then Tip Application and Acrylic. 

Do I Need a NZQA Qualification to get a Job?

Definitely not... Most salon owners have said that having NZQA credits is not important when employing someone rather it is more important to have been taught the quality of your work and your variety of skills plus your overall attitude is way more important.

Pricing & Enrolments

Do I Need Prior Experience?

How Do I Enrol

Career Options

What are my employment options after the course? 

There are many different options you can take after you have completed your course. You can work in a Nail Salon and work for an hourly rate of between $12.50 - $15.00 an hour on average. Rent a space in a salon for anywhere between $100 - $200 per week. This is the same as being self employed. Set up your own business from home. Work aboard a cruise ship. Become an educator. Become a Sales Consultant in the Beauty Industry.  

What happens after the course? 

Once you have completed the course your educator and NZ Nail Academy will do our best to assist you with any advice, whether you are starting up your own business, working from home, renting space or seeking employment. 


Where do I buy my products from? 

You can buy all that you need direct from us! You can order through our website for your convenience, by email or phone. If there is something that we don't stock then please let us know and we do out best to find it for you. 

How do I know that I am using the best product? 

You can be confident telling your clients that you have selected only the finest professional system of products to create the most beautiful, durable results. Our low-odour, cosmetic-grade products contain only the highest quality ingredients available, developed with innovative science and manufacturing processes, to achieve unsurpassed workability and durability. We use NailPerfect & Astonishing from The Netherlands, our famous Korean Gel brand Kenzico and our very own NZ exclusive HEMA FREE range of Gel Polishes plus many more fabulous products.  We can guarantee you will always be using the highest quality of products at very competitive prices. 

What makes us different from the rest? 

Our class sizes range from only 2 - 4. This means you are receiving more one on one attention from your educator. We do not have 15, 20 or even 6-8 students to only one tutor. We will NEVER have more than 4, guaranteed. You will not be waiting around for your educator to check your work, they will be with you every step of the way guiding you. We will not have you working on other students waisting your valuable time, or learning from watching videos. Our course has been structured so you will receive the best possible training from our highly qualified education team. So the answer to that is YES mostly definitely you can learn that in 5 days. 

Can I get a student loan? 

No we do not provide a student loan as we are a Private Training Establishment and do not receive any type of government funding. Payment options include, visa, master card, cash, cheque. WE CAN NOW OFFER AFTERPAY and LAYBUY!!  

TALK TO US TODAY!! If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.