'Apply Gel Polish Like a Pro'

Explore the Exciting World of Gel Polish with our Professional Comprehensive Course

Are you a beginner looking to master the art of gel polish manicures? Our "Apply Gel Polish like a Pro" course is our most popular course and provides a solid foundation to cover all the basics of nail preparation. Get ready to learn the ins and outs of basic nail anatomy, hygiene & sanitation, nail tools, and how to safely prepare the nail for gel polish application.

Join us today and master the art of gel polish like a pro!

You still can't beat face to face learning and I swear by that any day but if you are unable to attend a ONE ON ONE or GROUP TRAINING in person class then we have put together a custom online course just for you.  Whether you want to learn as a 'Professional' and be certified, or just want to learn to do your own 'Nails from Home'.  Either way, we have you covered. See your options below. 

'Learn to Apply Gel Polish Like a Pro' - Certified course

PLEASE NOTE:  This course will give you full certification once you you have sat your assessment and is an in-depth course. Available as a ONE ON ONE and an ONLINE OPTION class, GROUP TRAINING PRICING also available

Online Nail Training Courses

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What do you get...

1 Day Class in person - ONE ON ONE or GROUP TRAINING 9.00am - 3.30pm 

2 Certificates Theory (online cert) Gel Polish (printed certificate)

Online Theory Module $89 value this is sent before you start your course to be completed

Training Workbook printed copy 

Access to demonstration videos lifetime access

Student Support Group private login area for support

Student Discounts exclusive product discounts

NOTE: A kit is required to be purchased in addition to the course fee, please see our kit list of options available. 

What your course covers...

In this course, you will learn how to apply gel polish correctly, including safe removal and perfecting your gel polish application with plain and French polish techniques. Additionally, we will show you how to strengthen your natural nails with our BIAB builder gel in a bottle strengthening gel, which is perfect for weak or brittle nails. With this strengthening gel, you can expect durable, long-lasting gel polish that won't chip, break or crack.  Of course we will be going through hygiene, sanitation and all the import theory which is covered in your Online Theory Module.

Upon completion of the course, you will be required to sit an online theory exam and submit 6-10 pictures of your work, showcasing your new skills. Once approved, you will be awarded a certificate in 'Theory of Nails' and 'Gel Polish Application'.

Course Cost

Gel Polish Certification - TRAINING ONLY 

$390.00 This is for TRAINING ONLY

NOTE: you will be required to already have your products as this is for (training only) 

If you do. not have any products then please choose one of our other options which includes a kit.

Gel Polish Certification - TRAINING & KIT

Trial Kit KIT001 - $590.00 
Starter Kit KIT002 - $670.00
Professional Kit KIT003 - $990.00 Includes LED Lamp
(max 4 students per class)*
PLEASE NOTE: We do need a minimum number of students for our Group Training class to go ahead.
ONE ON ONE TRAINING IS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST and will be an additional $150.00

Please view our KIT OPTIONS below!

Do you Prefer to Learn Online?

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Import details and course requirements

The course generally starts at either 9:00am or 9:30am, depending on the venue or educator.Please bring a model to practice with during the day. If you're unable to find one, kindly speak with your educator before the scheduled day for assistance.Upon enrolment and payment of a deposit, we will send you a confirmation email with all the necessary information.

Course Enrolment

PLEASE NOTE: Click on the link below to enrol online. For One-On-One courses, please contact us or your educator to arrange a suitable date.  All our group training dates can be viewed here...   PLEASE NOTE: dates and venues are subject to change based on availability and how many students are enrolled.  We do need a certain number of students for a class to go ahead. A deposit is required to secure a date below.  We DO NOT hold any spaces for anyone.  If by some chance that a chosen class does not go ahead or we need to change a date then you will be given the first option to join in on the new date otherwise we will refund your deposit. For other dates and venues not listed please contact us as we can normally add in extra dates and accommodate most areas if we have enough notice. 

Dates and events can also be found on our Facebook page here...

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