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NailPerfect has been developed from a strong foundation over the past 25 years and characterizes and distinguishes itself in the market with the latest, innovative products selected by our professionals. Made in Europe, Nail Perfect adheres to very strict guidelines of testing to bring you HEMA FREE, CRUELTY FREE AND VEGAN products. NailPerfect has a range of Acrylic, HEMA free UV/LED Sculpting gels, Fiber Gels, Builder in a Bottle, foil design gels, Dippn powder, Soft Gel Tip extensions and much more...NailPerfect is a brand for everyone.

NOTE: NZ Nail Academy are the only Authorised Distributors in New Zealand for the Nail Perfect brand.

  • Nail Perfect Kits
    Our NailPerfect products also come in a number of handy packages called NailPerfect Kits. Our Kits are made for particular purposes, but do not hesitate to inform about our alternative kits, which come in many shapes and forms.
  • Nail Perfect UV/LED Sculpting Gels, HEMA FREE!
    Create strong, natural looking nails in a faster way with the NailPerfect LED/UV Sculpting Gels, Fiber Gels and Builder Gels in a Bottle. Like the traditional Sculpting Gels these LED/UV Sculpting Gels wear naturally and are ideal for tip overlays and sculpting, but cures faster in LED light. This LED/UV formula has slow and even self-leveling properties, which gives you total control and workability. They are odour-free and have a permanent high gloss shine.
  • HEMA free gels - Nail Perfect Builder in a Bottle
    HEMA free NailPerfect Builder in a Bottle is a Base and Builder Gel in one, which is available in 5 different colours. It is a great product for an easy and fast application on natural nails, which can also be used for building nail extensions with nail tips or nail forms.
  • Nail Perfect Liquid & Powder Acrylic system low odour
    The NailPerfect Premium Acrylic Powders consist of homopolymers and cure medium to fast. The powders offer an optimal balance between curing and modelling. The products are designed to give you enough time to create a perfect smile line as well as a perfect c-curve. Thanks to the system’s unique composition, the c-curve retains its original shape throughout the wear period.
  • Nail Perfect Acid FREE Primer
    Nail Perfect prep products including blue scrub, acid free nail primers, cuticle away.
  • Sculpting Forms and Adhesive
    NailPerfect Premium Forms and Brush on Nail Adhesive including the UpVoted Soft Gel Tip Adhesive
  • Nail Perfect Nail Files
    Nail Perfect range of nail files includes disposable files with a metal core, dotting tools and brushes.
  • Nail Perfect Dipping Powders
    Create the perfect acrylic nails in the most easiest way! Give your customer an alternative to the traditional acrylic and gel with the same natural look and quality. Use the Dippn’ powders in combination with the Nail- Perfect Sticky Base and the NailPerfect Activator for beautiful nails in a few easy steps!
  • NailPerfect LED & Accessories
    NailPerfect LED/UV lamp and accessories.