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  • Kenzico Brush Liner Short #301
    Kenzico Nail Art Brush Short Liner perfect for fine intricate nail art designs.
  • Kenzico Brush Painting Art #304
    Kenzico Painting Art art brush is perfect for painting any type of nail art.
  • Kenzico Brush Liner Medium #302
    Kenzico Liner Medium perfect for doing fine lines and swirls and intricate work
  • Kenzico Brush Liner Long #303
    Kenzico Long Liner nail art brush is perfect for doing long fine straight lines.
  • Kenzico Brush Square #406
    Kenzico Gel Brush square is perfect for defining hard gel application or for one stroke application.
  • Kenzico Gel Brush Round #508
    Kenzico Gel Brush round is perfect for applying any gel polish or PolyGel application.
  • Kenzico Gel Brush Design Art #602
    Kenzico Gel Brush Design Art is perfect for doing 3D work with Carve Gel or Acrylic also for using with gel paints to create beautiful flowers.
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  • Kenzico Gel Brush Angled #603
    Kenzico Gel Brush angled is perfect for defining your smile lines or for one stroke application.
  • Kenzico Brush Set with Pouch
    Kenzico brush set includes 8 different crystal art brushes, including Gel Brush, Angled, Round Oval & Square, Short, Medium, Long Liner, 2 x Design Art and brush pouch.

    NOTE: Not all items pictured come in the case.
    Out Of Stock
  • Trinity Gel Brush Oval #8
    Trinity Gel Oval brush is perfect for sculpting the AP Gel/Polygel.
  • GBP Brienne - Liner Brush
    The thinnest of thin liner brush.

    At 12mm's long Brienne is tall and slim, she especially loves long straight lines, large curved lines and swirls.

    Brienne comes with a lid for protection and a magnet for easy storage.
  • GBP Florence - Flat Gel Brush
    The perfect flat gel brush for flawless painting or gel application.

    Florence can also be used as a clean up brush to achieve that perfect finish around the cuticle.

    As with all our brushes, Florence has a lid for safe storage and a magnetised base for hanging.
  • GBP Minnie - Detail Brush
    The thinnest of thin detail brush.

    7mm long and extremely light to hold, Minnie just loves to help you achieve those small detailed lines, she is especially good for character painting, or surrounding crystals with top coat.

    Minnie has a lid for protection and a magnet for super fast storage.
  • NZNA Implement Set with Case
    Made from quality surgical stainless steel and black powder coated.

    Tip Cutters, Cuticle Nippers, Cuticle Pusher, Nail Clippers, Scissors, Pinching C-Curve Tweezers
    Out Of Stock
  • NZNA C-Curve Nail Pinching Tweezers
    Pinching tweezers are great for pinching in that c-curve for acrylic nails or can be used to hold plastic tips in place when gluing.
    Out of stock
  • NZNA Cuticle Nippers
    Cuticle Nippers 4mm jaw.
  • NZNA Cuticle Pusher
    This cuticle pusher with blade can be used for both manicure/pedicure proceedures and for preparation work when applying artificial nails.
  • NZNA Cuticle Pusher - Left Handed
    This left handed cuticle pusher with blade can be used for both manicure/pedicure procedures and for preparation work when applying artificial nails.
  • NZNA Nail Clippers
    Nail clippers 8.5cm for trimming natural finger and toe nails
    It is made from surgical stainless steel so will not rust.
    Out Of Stock
  • NZNA Nail Scissors
    Stainless steel black coating nail scissors with curved edge.
    Out Of Stock
  • NZNA Spatula Large
    Stainless steel spatula is perfect to be used with your PolyGel or the other end as a stirring spoon or mini scoop for mixing glitters, pigment powders etc...

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