Barbie Mirage Misc...

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  • Barbie Acetone Remover Pads
    Barbie Acetone remover pads are perfect for removing gel polish and also for cleaning stamping plates. Does contain acetone so not recommended for cleaning stampers

    200 pces box
  • Barbie Jewelry Gel 7gm
    Barbie Mirage Jewelry Gel is designed to adhere large gems and 3D jewelry.

    Cures 1 minute
  • Barbie Mirage String Gel - White
    Barbie Mirage Silk gel is another name for Spider/String Gel. Used for creating abstract nail designs, straight lines and curves.
  • Fibre Repair Builder Gel 7gm
    Fibre Gel contains tenacious fibre for repairing the residual and broken nails. It is transparent in colour and is perfect for strengthening the thin brittle, and fragile nails and helping the to stay durable and not break easily.

    Cures 1 minute