Barbie Top, Base, Prep and Cuticle Oil

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  • Barbie PH Bond
    BM PH Bond is a nail dehydrator which regulates the pH balance and plays a role in protecting the nails. Naturally dry after 30 seconds.
  • Barbie Pro Bond
    Barbie Pro Bond for more adhesion on the surface of a disinfected and dry nail. Naturally dry after 30 seconds.
  • Barbie Base Coat
    Barbie Mirage Gel Base Coat for under the Gel polish colours.

    Cures 1 min LED
  • Barbie Cuticle Oil 5pk
    Barbie Mirage Cuticle Oil is available in 5 different fragrances.

    5 x 10ml bottles
  • Barbie Matte Top Coat
    Barbie Mirage Matte Gel Top Coat is used instead on your non-wipe top coat for a beautiful matte effect on the nails.

    Cures 1 min LED
  • Barbie Mirage Reinforcement Gel
    Barbie Mirage Reinforcement is used after your Base Coat to make the nails stronger if the clients nails are too thin. Similar to a Builder gel so is thicker is consistency.

    Cures 1 min LED
  • Barbie Repair Base Coat
    Barbie Mirage Repair Base Coat is to add strength to the nails, prevents pigment precipitation, increases the adhesion and durability of the gel.

    Cures 1 min LED
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  • Barbie Top Coat -Non Wipe
    Barbie Mirage Non-Wipe Soak Off Gel Top Coat .

    Cures 1 min LED