Get Buffed Pro by Sarah Elmaz

Welcome to our online Wholesale Shopping Website. Please note that some items are for Professional Use only so you must be a Beauty Professional or currently training in order to purchase some of our product range.  If you do not currently have a wholesale account please click on the wholesale tab at the top to fill out the wholesale account form. Proof of industry qualification may be required. For Retail Customers please click on the Retail Shopping button at the top to view the products available.

  • GBP Brienne - Liner Brush
    The thinnest of thin liner brush.

    At 12mm's long Brienne is tall and slim, she especially loves long straight lines, large curved lines and swirls.

    Brienne comes with a lid for protection and a magnet for easy storage.
    Arrives this week!
  • GBP Florence - Flat Gel Brush
    The perfect flat gel brush for flawless painting or gel application.

    Florence can also be used as a clean up brush to achieve that perfect finish around the cuticle.

    As with all our brushes, Florence has a lid for safe storage and a magnetised base for hanging.
    Arrives this week!
  • GBP Minnie - Detail Brush
    The thinnest of thin detail brush.

    7mm long and extremely light to hold, Minnie just loves to help you achieve those small detailed lines, she is especially good for character painting, or surrounding crystals with top coat.

    Minnie has a lid for protection and a magnet for super fast storage.
    Arrives this week!