Spray Tanning Workshop

To all our loyal customers and friends.

As of 11:59pm yesterday the 25th March, like so many other small businesses, will be closed until further notice. *all current pre orders or orders placed online from today, will be sent out as soon as possible, within the legal guidelines* 

If you have any queries during this lockdown period please email debbie@nznailacademy.co.nz

All our Spray Tan Educators have been Internationally Trained so we can guarantee you will be receiving the most thorough and comprehensive training available as it is not just about learning how to spray but you also need to know the science behind how to achieve a great looking tan to suit all skin types. 

Spray Tanning can be a competitive market and the difference between a good spray tanner and a great one can come down to the person who trained them and using a top quality product that delivers results... we guarantee the products we choose will be the best on the market today.

We use the B.Gorgeous brand of spray tan solutions. All B.Gorgeous spray tan formulas have been developed to leave you feeling gorgeous inside and out. B.Gorgeous Spray Tan is proudly MADE IN NEW ZEALAND using ingredients that accentuate the skins natural beauty, including moisturizing antioxidants and natural oils such as argan oil. Every product is free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan-friendly.

If you are new to the Spray Tanning World or simply need to refresh your skills then our Spray Tanning Workshop is suitable for you.  

Our comprehensive workshop will go through not just the practical side of Spray Tanning but also covers.... 

The Science of Spray Tanning - The Perfect Tanning Technique - Things That Affect Spray Tan Colour - How to Choose the Best Tan for your Client - Spray Tanning Solutions Explained - Client Consultation & Aftercare - Equipment - Practical Training

Our Educator will then teach you how to spray the correct way and will also go over anything in the Training Manual if you have any questions. 

$350.00 - Training Only (no kit)

$670.00 - Training plus Tan.Lite Kit which includes:

  • 1 Litre Tanning Solution of your choice
  • Tan Lite Machine & Spray Gun
  • Pop-up Tanning Tent 

NOTE: You will be required to have at least 3-4 models to do full body spray tans on to perfect your application.