CJS Small Plates

Welcome to our online Wholesale Shopping Website. Please note that some items are for Professional Use only so you must be a Beauty Professional or currently training in order to purchase some of our product range.  If you do not currently have a wholesale account please click here to SIGN UP and fill out an account form. 

  • CJS Four Leaf Clover H-18
    Create your own St.Pat's masterpiece with this gorgeous collaborative plate with our friend Ale @upadaisynails.

    6 x 6 cm
  • CJS Perfect Prints LC-05 Stamping Plate
    Absolutely gorgeous collaboration plate with the lovely Chrissie Pearce. Beautiful layered animal prints to make your nails roar! French or full... the creative is up to you! Make it yours with our patent pending, layered stamping plate!

    6 x 6cm
  • CJS Risque V-07 Stamping Plate
    Add a little spice to your next mani with torn fishnet, cuffs and corsets & then... seal it with a kiss!

    6 x 6 cm