Gel Polish, Soft Gel, Builder Gel

Gel Polish, Soft Gel, Builder Gel
Our 3 most popular courses all put together for you in this beginners 3 Day courseGel Polish, Soft Gel Tip Extensions & Builder Gel in a Bottle (BIAB)

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What will you be learning!

Welcome to our BRAND NEW course! This course is a 3 day class and it incorporates what has now become the most popular application methods available today.  You do not need any previous experience at all to attend this course. 

DAY 1: GEL POLISH APPLICATION! You will be covering basic nail anatomy, hygiene & sanitation, nail tools and how to file the nail correctly and safely prepare the nail for any manicure or gel polish application.  Learn Gel Polish application including correct prep, removal without damaging the nail and perfecting your gel polish application including Plain & French Polish applications that make the nail stronger with no chips, breaks or cracks in the nail. 

We will also go through using BIAB (builder gel in a bottle) to add strength and structure to the natural nail for those clients who may have weaker nails

DAY 2: SOFT GEL EXTENSIONS! This has seriously become one of our favourite systems! This course will introduce you to the fastest and easiest extension system available on the market today! Perfect for a full set or to fix a broken nail, this is an essential skill for all Nail Technicians. Learn how to correctly size tips, blend and apply as well as the easiest way to determine the correct ratio of adhesive for the size of the nail plate. Finish the day with a gel polish application to help refine your skills.

These tip extensions already come pre-etched and in various shapes including Coffin, Stiletto, Almond, Square & Oval so we have taken out the hard work for you.   Used in conjunction with our Vamp Nail Primer & Vamp Gel Glue which will give you at least 21+ days wear with no chipping, lifting and a long lasting SOAK OFF tip for easy removal.


BIAB - Builder In A Bottle, is a product that is so versatile! It comes in 3 colours, Clear, Cover Pink and Cover Nude.  In this class you will learn how to use this product as a strengthening system for the natural nail as well as how to use it to backfill Soft Gel Extensions.  We will also show you how to create extensions using Sculpting Forms to lengthen the nail. Finish the day with a gel polish application to help refine your skills. 

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  • Course start time is normally 9.00am or 9.30am depending on the educator or venue.
  • You will be required to bring along models to the course so you can practice during the 3 days, confirmation details will be emailed out to you once you have enrolled.  If you feel you are unable to bring along any models then please talk to your educator to see if they can help out.  
  • Upon completion of this course you will be required to submit a portfolio of pictures of your work that you will need to do in your own time before you will gain certification in this course. 
  • At least 6 - 10 full sets of nails will be required and full details are in your training manual of the requirements.  Once you have submitted your portfolio pictures and you are feeling confident you will then be required to sit a theory assessment which will be available as an online option before you will gain your certification.
  • Once enrolled, course confirmation will be emailed out to you with any other course requirements like start time, dates, venue and times that models are required.